Stephanie Benay

Director, Safety System & Assurance, BC Hydro

Stephanie Benay, CRSP is an innovative and accomplished Health and Safety Executive who helps companies seize the future through realizing the hidden value of HSE, Quality, Risk Management, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

With over 2 decades of expertise across industries, she has drastically improved staff performance and HS engagement enabling organizations to capture new levels of profitability. She is skilled in visualizing, formulating and launching change management strategies which produce consistently superior results and can deploy innovative methods to solve capital challenges. Stephanie is a dynamic relationship builder who can cut through the red tape, garner internal and external buy-in, and overcome obstacles to ensure success.

Stephanie has been an expert presenter at local, national and international conferences, authored numerous industry magazine articles and has published technical papers internationally.

Stephanie started her career in safety as a Safety Programs Coordinator with Canadian Airlines, eventually becoming the Chief Operations Officer for an international safety consulting company and then Director of QHSE, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, North America Central Services for an international EPCM. She is currently the Director, Safety Systems and Assurance at BC Hydro.

A mother of 5 and an avid volunteer, she has previously given her time to the CSSE national and local chapters, and is a founding member of the Women in Occupational Health & Safety Society, a safety podcast host and is currently an MBA candidate.