Lisa Hallsworth

Chief Executive Officer, Rillea Technologies

A farm girl turned engineer, wife, mother and entrepreneur; Lisa Hallsworth is passionate about family, health and life-long learning!

She left her east coast farm life to pursue engineering at the University of Waterloo in 1985 and went on to practice as professional engineer for over 30 years.

Much of her career focused on managing workplace hazards in large multi-national organizations. From experience Lisa knows that responsible management of workplace hazardous chemicals is mired in regulations, requires expert knowledge and is typically only affordable to large organizations. With the theory that expert digital technology could be built to help people quickly and consistently navigate the regulatory framework, Lisa co-founded Rillea Technologies Inc in May 2016, together with her husband Rob.

Rillea’s vision is to enable people and the planet to prosper by enjoying the benefits of chemicals while avoiding harm to workers and the environment.

Over the last 6 years, Rillea has developed, evolved and marketed a data-driven, risk-based web platform that enables employers to create a simple, customized chemicals management system. The platform uses artificial intelligence together with Rillea’s proprietary technology to bring critical safety information to the fingertips of decision makers in seconds. With improved transparency about the harms of chemicals, quick prioritization tools, automatic linking of safe-handling instructions to hazards and the ability to compare similar chemicals by hazard, SDS RiskAssist enables managers to protect their employees and the environment from harm.

Rillea works with public organizations at all three levels of government, as well as organizations in the education, health, dental, manufacturing, laboratory and service sectors.