Lee-Anne Black

Acting Vice-President Corporate Business Information and Analytics, WSIB Ontario

Joining the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in 2004, Lee-Anne is currently the Acting Vice-President of Corporate Business Information and Analytics. Throughout her career at the WSIB she has been accountable for translating data into meaningful information – aligned to the vision of making Ontario the safest and healthiest place to work. Under her leadership she delivers a wide variety of business analytics products, services and tools to enable the organization to turn information and insights into action.

Lee-Anne currently leads a team that champions and creates innovative analytics solutions to enable transformation through a variety of Enterprise initiatives. She led the development and roll out of Safety Check in 2017, an online, interactive health & safety tool that for the first time, allowed Ontarians to view and compare health and safety statistics for workplaces across the province. In addition, she led the development and
implementation of Compass which launched on September, 2019. This new online service for the first time gives businesses in Ontario registered with the WSIB access to their claims, costs and premiums in order to analyze those health and safety statistics to
improve their workplace.