Gregory German

Founder - Corpora, Founder - LifeCraft, Brand Manager - Prostar Energy

During Greg’s time in Health and Safety management in the energy sector, he found that the ‘health’ was conspicuously absent from most corporate health and safety programs. With so much research showing that improved employee health and wellness translates into increased communication, compliance, creativity, mindfulness on the job, resiliency to stress and workplace injuries, and overall sense of well-being, thus increasing both safety performance and business execution, Greg began developing and implementing programs to support the health and wellness of their people. These programs had tremendous returns on investment.

Utilizing his BSc. Pharmacology, Bachelors in Metaphysics, combined Health and Life Coaching certification, and Neurolinguistic Programming certification, Greg founded LifeCraft in 2018, a private health coaching firm with a mandate of empowering people to live at their highest expression of health.

Through his work on corporate health and wellness initiatives, Greg discovered the critical importance of a clear corporate purpose and brand. Excellence in corporate execution requires a strong, consistent culture, which is a function of a clear corporate purpose and brand. In 2019, motivated by his belief in the importance of a clear brand, Greg transitioned to a role as Brand Manager at Prostar Energy, and co-founded Corpora with his partner Sheri Benson, a corporate coaching firm empowering employers in all industries to utilize their workplaces as vehicles for the personal growth and development of their people, improving both the execution of corporate goals and the health and wellness of their people. Believing in the incredible power of a clear corporate purpose and complete alignment with this purpose, Corpora provides comprehensive brand assessment and development, then supports clients in the creation of a corporate structure and culture that drive their brand. Corpora then delivers bespoke training and programming for their clients, helping them develop their people and endear them to the corporate purpose.

Greg lives in Cochrane, Alberta with his wife, 2-year old daughter and 6-month old son. He and his family love to be in the mountains, and enjoy hiking, climbing, backpacking and skiing.