Jacqueline Abel

Manager, Health & Wellnes, George Brown College

Jacqueline’s experience in health and safety spans 20 years, during which time she helped transform the culture of safety at organizations in diverse industry sectors.  She has spent several years providing consulting services to a broad range of clients, assisting them with achieving legal compliance and meeting best practice standards. For over 12 years, she honed technical and leadership skills in her senior role of Industrial Hygienist at Scarborough Health Network (SHN). There she was responsible for proactive safety program development and incident management.  

In her recent and current role as Manager of Health and Wellness at George Brown College (GBC), Jacqueline has spearheaded the COVID-19 response effort and is responsible for leading the development and execution of an innovative and sustainable psychological health and safety strategy, while contributing to the development of a robust health and safety management system.  

Jacqueline seeks and implements innovative ways to optimize resources to achieve positive outcomes. Throughout Jacqueline’s career, she has built strong relationships with senior and frontline stakeholders to facilitate positive collaboration.  She has leveraged effective leadership and strategic planning to drive change and maximize organizational performance.  

In addition to her years of experience and professional accomplishments, Jacqueline has been privileged to serve communities for most of her life.   She has volunteered with grassroots organizations aimed at supporting and empowering under-resourced populations and nurturing the academic, artistic, and emotional development of children.  Jacqueline is currently a Director at Women in Occupational Health and Safety Society (WOHSS) and mentor with WOHSS.