Erin Buckland

President, IFR Workwear Inc.

Erin Buckland is the President of IFR Workwear Inc, a manufacturer and wholesaler of Fire Resistant Workwear, which she and her father started in 2005.  The business model included only using North American materials, engaging a manufacturing plant in Mexico and distributing from a small urban center they hit on a winning combination.

Through her young adult years Erin competed at the National and International levels in the sport of Cross Country Skiing, culminating her competition career with appearances at the World University Games in ­­­­­South Korea and Slovakia.

Erin has a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Alberta, majoring is Sport Business & Performance, closing her final term with a practicum at the Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.   After working in the sport and fitness industry she found the call of being an entrepreneur getting louder.  Erin had a brief stint of owning a different business but when that didn’t go as planned; she helped her father out by filling in for an accounting position in another family business.  Erin’s intent was never to stay but as she delved into the business her curiosity got the better of her and she began seeing further opportunities to expand the business.  While working her way from accounts payable to now President and CEO of IFR Workwear, Erin has shown that an education can be adapted to anything, if you’re willing to work hard and keep learning.

Through the last 15 years, Erin began noticing that traditional patterns of work clothing did not offer safer and more convenient alternatives for females. Working with a production and design team, IFR Workwear produced a 2 piece workwear set, styled specifically for female anatomy and owns a patent for this product.   IFR also recently added a full line up of women’s FR workwear that is stocked for immediate delivery.

Married with 3 children, involved in many community activities with both time and financial resources, Erin hopes to always be a good community curator.