Aimee Arsenault

Owner, Primary Consultant, Transmit Safety

Aimee Arsenault is the founder of Transmit Safety; a boutique health and safety consulting firm based out of Edmonton, Alberta. She has been working in health and safety for 14 years, gaining an in-depth understanding of the factors that influence occupational health and safety through her experiences in various sectors of the construction industry, including seven years of experience working with wireless and tower crews. Aimee has a few noted acronyms behind her name (BA, CRSP, CHSC) and is an active member of the CSSE and WOHSS.

Exposure to different industries has also provided Aimee with insight into the work environment dynamics and communication practices required to run an organization that truly prioritizes safety. Aimee is also enthusiastic about the activation of organizational values in the workplace and working with people keen on the implementation of health and safety strategies for operational improvement.

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