This event contains 5.5 technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points.

See the BCRSP website at for CPD point criteria.

10:30 am

Registration and virtual orientation

10:30 am

Pre-event workshop: Working towards a resilient safety culture

What are the basic requirements needed in order to shift your culture into a state of resilience? In this session, we will discuss Gahcho Kué’s flagship safety program, Brother’s and Sister’s keeper.

Shiwley Paul

Health, Safety & Risk Superintendent, De Beers Canada Inc.

10:45 am

Opening Remarks

Nicole Brackett

Regional Manager, Canada, Avetta

10:45 am

A live-cast “What’s going on in safety these days”

Start off your day with a cup of coffee as two industry leaders bring their podcast to the stage to discuss important trends in OHS today and how to best be prepared as a leader.

Lee-Anne Lyon-Bartley

Executive Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, Dexterra Group

Stephanie Benay

Director, Safety System & Assurance, BC Hydro

11:05 am

Keynote: Leadership at any level

In this empowering keynote, respected industry leader will discuss her experience as a woman in safety, obstacles she has overcome to rise up and ultimately how you can positively influence others in the workplace to improve the direction of a company, no matter your role.

  • Building a supportive environment for women in safety: what does it take?
  • Tangible ways you can influence work culture - including the boardroom
  • How to be a team player in challenging situations
  • Your role as a leader to drive change: personally and professionally

Michele Harradence

SVP & Chief Operating Officer, Gas Transmission & Midstream, Enbridge

11:35 am

Hitting the pandemic wall? How women in safety are adapting as the COVID crisis continues

Nicole Brackett

Regional Manager, Canada, Avetta

Stephanie Watt

Regional Manager, Avetta

11:55 am

Panel: Owning your personal brand

The first step to crafting your personal brand is to lay a foundation that you can confidently and authentically build upon. In this impactful session, we navigate the power of knowing your personal brand, how to tell your story, how to be consistent, how to be ready to fail, and tools that are available to help you grow and establish your brand and online presence.

  • What is a personal brand and why is it important?
  • Where do I start? Steps to building your personal brand
  • How can you develop your position as a leader while working from home?
  • Tools to articulate your personal brand at work


Cheryl Pounder

Olympic Gold Medalist, Professional Speaker


Lee-Anne Lyon-Bartley

Executive Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, Dexterra Group

Erin Oliver

Vice President Health Safety and Sustainability, Modern Niagara

Glyn Jones

Partner, EHS Partnerships Ltd

Adelia Marchese

Head of Environment, Health and Safety, Wolseley Canada Inc.

12:40 pm

Networking and lunch break

Breakout session at 12:40 pm: Professional growth – moving ideas into actions (20 min) Continue the process of uncovering new learnings and reinforce best practices. In this breakout session, we will explore different options for building capabilities through connection.

Denise Howitt

Manager, EHS Systems and Compliance, University of Calgary

1:10 pm

In the age of COVID: Strategies for boundary setting at the home and office

One of the greatest challenges of working virtually has been the blurring of boundaries and between the work environment and personal home space. Although remote work has brought many benefits such as flexible workdays, it has also increased performance pressures and broken down the divide between personal and professional time. What are some practical ways to maintain a better work life balance? How can one set expectations in advance and better advocate for oneself?

  • How do you set expectations with clients and colleagues to communicate boundaries?
  • Identify practical ideas and tips to ensure your boundaries are respected
  • Discuss the how leadership is adapting to better support women
  • How to have difficult conversations and stay true to your work-life goals
  • Maintaining resiliency and work-life integration

Aimee Arsenault

Owner, Primary Consultant, Transmit Safety

1:45 pm

Panel: PPE in a pandemic

One of the challenges women (and some men) face as a safety professional is finding personal protective equipment (PPE) that fits properly. There is an urgency to stay safe, especially during a pandemic. Whether you and your team are looking for the right size gloves or a mask that properly shields your face, PPE proves to be a serious discussion, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Are you and your team wearing the best PPE for you?

  • Case studies from the COVID-19 crisis
  • Design innovation – PPE specifically designed for women
  • Securing your PPE supply chain
  • Managing your PPE procurement strategies


Paula Campkin

Vice President, Operations & Safety Centre of Excellence, Energy Safety Canada


Leslie Molin

Market Segment Manager - Personal Safety, Levitt-Safety Limited

Alicia Woods

Founder & CEO, Covergalls Workwear

Robin Van Driel

Principal, Occupational Hygienist, VanDriel OHS Consulting

Karen Chester

President, Vallen Canada

2:40 pm

Evolving in 2021: How safety leaders can make a difference in mental health

Workplace mental health has been catapulted to the top of the management agenda in 2020. For many, 2020 has been a fatiguing year. What behaviors can employers incorporate to create a safer, more supportive workplace culture? How can the safety industry move the conversation on mental health from discussion into action, so that it becomes the “norm”? In this session, we will discuss best practices for creating a positive work environment that truly supports employees.

  • A new year: Where are we?
  • What can employers tangibly do to foster a healthy workplace culture?
  • What kind of mental health initiatives and resources are proving effective?
  • Mindfulness, ERG groups and other tools to help find balance
  • Creating Psychological Safety in the C-Suite

Victoria Grainger

Founder, Wellness Works Canada

3:10 pm

Networking and coffee break

3:30 pm

Panel: Beyond mentorship: Becoming allies, champions and advocates for the next generation

Mentors have always played a critical role in offering guidance, inspiration, and support for women in the profession. Yet their role is only part of the equation for driving change and achieving true equality in leadership roles. Advocates and champions in the safety profession are needed more than ever to ensure women flourish in leadership positions. What are some practical ways to effectively use mentors and champions to achieve career objectives? How can one move from being a mentor to becoming a champion and advocate? What are some examples of concrete actions that have been effective for improving leadership opportunities?

  • Mentor vs champion: what is the difference and where do they fit?
  • Leveraging the right allies and constituencies to promote equity and inclusion
  • What are some actions men can take to be better allies?
  • Going beyond your organization – using external advocates and champions
  • Tips for engaging potential champions to be your advocate


Lee-Anne Black

Acting Vice-President Corporate Business Information and Analytics, WSIB Ontario


Kim Williams

Vice President EH&S/Regulatory/Security, Ovintiv

Kirwin Lalla

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Director, Sysco Canada

Eldeen Pozniak

CEO, Pozniak Safety Associates Inc. in Canada

Tammy Hawkins

Chief Operations Officer, Alberta Construction Safety Association

Lika Leshchenko

Head of Health & Safety, ECAN at Lafarge Holcim

4:25 pm

Closing keynote: Leading the change

In a market that continues to change, few would argue against the need for increased diversity in safety. But how can we move this conversation forward in safety? In an effort to build an authentically inclusive workplace, this closing keynote will analyze the current status of the industry and how to advance diversity, equity and inclusion from discussion into action.

  • What can we learn from the next generation’s approach to equity in the workplace?
  • Gender and beyond: Advice for how you can help support diversity in your workplace
  • Racism and violent prevention in safety
  • How does a diverse and inclusive workplace promote innovation and deliver better safety results?
  • Employee recognition programs that can support
  • How do we welcome diversity and inclusion in the field?
  • Ron Kelusky

    Chief Prevention Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister at Ontario Ministry of Labour,, Training and Skills Development

    4:50 pm

    Closing remarks

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