2020 Agenda

Women in Safety Calgary has been accredited for 7 Continuing Professional Development hours for CPHRs across Alberta

This event contains 6 technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points. See the BCRSP website at www.bcrsp.ca for CPD point criteria.

8:00 am

Registration and breakfast

8:55 am

Opening remarks from chairperson

Sheri Benson

Founder, Thrive Safety Consulting Ltd

9:00 am

Keynote: The importance of developing a personal leadership style

Women are increasingly entering the OHS profession, yet there is still a major gender gap, especially in leadership. What can women do to proactively develop as leaders and stay motivated? In this inspiring keynote, one of the foremost leaders will share insight into developing a personal leadership style and how it is crucial to achieving personal and business success.

  • How to be a resilient and authentic leader in a male-dominated industry?
  • Knowing yourself: unique skills and characteristics that will help drive success
  • What is the mindset required to rise to the top of your profession?

Dr. Johanna Pagonis

Owner, Sinogap Solutions Leadership Consulting

9:45 am

Overcoming common barriers: Climbing the corporate ladder

The journey to success is rarely a smooth one. What happens to careers in their prime leadership years? What obstacles might be preventing leaders from reaching their full potential in their profession? This session will navigate limitations leaders often face and advice on how to move forward and step into opportunities, no matter where you are in your career.

  • Practical advice for powerful negotiating
  • Tips for advancement in your career
  • Tips for overcoming fear, self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • Work/life balance & how it plays into your definition of success
  • How can this profession better support women in senior level positions?


Gregory German

Founder - Corpora, Founder - LifeCraft, Brand Manager - Prostar Energy


Stephanie Benay

Director, Safety System & Assurance, BC Hydro

Reshma Sukdhoe

Corporate Health and Safety Specialist, Electrical Safety Authority

Paula Campkin

Vice President & Chief Safety Officer, Energy Safety Canada

Michael Crothers

Canada President and Country Chair, Shell

10:30 am

Networking Coffee Break

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11:00 am

Mental wellbeing in the workplace

Workplace health and safety is often focused on employee physical wellbeing, but with increasing understanding around the importance of mental health and its impact on the overall health, safety and welfare of employees, OHS professionals must take steps to address it within their organizations. This important session concentrates on how to create a psychologically healthy work environment – both for you and your employees.

  • Understand the signs and risks of stress, anxiety and depression & steps to address poor mental health
  • How to protect your mental health after traumatic workplace incidents
  • Tools to improve workplace mental health
  • Company initiatives that are changing the field

Leah Jerhoff

Manager, Benefits, Payroll and Wellbeing, Inter Pipeline Ltd.

11:30 am

The value of mentorship opportunities in expanding your career

Creating a support network is key to empowering leaders with the insights, ideas and confidence to advocate for themselves, navigate career challenges and prepare for the future. Whether you are an established director or a manager in training, we can always learn from one another and gain fresh perspectives.

  • Practical strategies for finding a mentor & tips for being an authentic mentor
  • Understanding the difference and maximizing the value of mentoring, reverse mentoring and sponsorship
  • Advice for establishing company mentorship programs and measuring return on investment 


Lawrence Nault

Chief Executive Officer, Leveraged Nuance Consultants Group Inc


Erin McCabe

Safety Manager, Lampson Canada

Holly Elke

Senior QHSE Advisor, SH&E System Solutions Inc.

Anne C. Guinard

Upstream SSHE Functional Planner and Analytics Advisor, ExxonMobil OE-SSHE Planning Data and Analytics

Dave Fennell

Director, Dave Fennell Safety Inc.

12:15 pm

Networking Lunch

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1:15 pm

Proper PPE for women

One of the challenges women often face as an OHS professional is finding personal protective equipment (PPE) that fits properly. Whether you are wearing oversized gloves that make it difficult to accurately grip or a harness that is a bit too loose, proper PPE proves to be a serious issue. Are you wearing the best PPE for you?

  • What you need to know to stay ahead
  • New PPE available: footwear, ear protection, clothing & more
  • How employers can provide appropriate PPE for employees
  • Ways that female leaders in OHS can better champion this


Carolyn Black

FR Technical Sales Specialist, Mount Vernon Mill


Erin Buckland

President, IFR Workwear Inc.

Desiree Vreim

Operations Manager, Brasco Safety Inc.

Leslie Molin

Market Segment Manager - Personal Safety, Levitt Safety

Cheryl Walsh

HSE Manager, Suncor

2:00 pm

Steps to overcome discrimination and harassment in the workplace

Most companies understand the importance of treating all employees with respect, yet many women continue to experience workplace discrimination and harassment. How can employers do a better job at creating a safe work environment for both men and women, physically and emotionally? How can you respond when faced with these situations?

  • Learn how to create a more inclusive culture that opposes and prevents this behavior
  • How companies can prepare, prevent, respond and transform their organization
  • Strategies to help build a sexual harassment-free environment at your workplace

Erin Davis

Director, Corporate Engagement, Western Canada, Catalyst Inc.

2:30 pm

Networking Coffee Break

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2:45 pm

Risk and trends in the health and safety of women at work

Occupational health and safety standards are often based on male populations and laboratory tests, but the risks of the job affect men and women differently. Women have different requirements for exposure limits, physical demands of work and ergonomic design. Find out how to make sure you and your female employees are properly protected on any work site.


Monica Szabo

Chair, Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP)


Cheryl Peters

PhD, Research Scientist; Associate Professor, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research, Alberta Health Services; University of Calgary

Mary-Jaye Salmon

Health and Safety Advisor, Okanagan College

David Rebbitt

President, Rarebit Consulting

3:30 pm

Closing remarks from chairperson

Sheri Benson

Founder, Thrive Safety Consulting Ltd

3:35 pm

Conference Concludes and Networking Drinks Reception

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